The Journey So Far

The Journey So Far

It’s been just over 6 months since I bought the Jobsons business
It has honestly been the best decision of my professional life but as with everything in life it hasn’t been plain sailing
My top 5 reflections of the journey so far:

1. Being your own boss and an entrepreneur is so liberating
But the downside is that there’s just you and it can be a lonely place
2. The world of retail is not for the faint-hearted. Weather, politics and many many other variables can make or break your day but I’ve learned not to look at daily figures in isolation and look at monthly averages
3. I’m only as good as the team around me. I am very lucky to have the support of such a fantastic team of ladies in the store who I trust implicitly (they’re fantastic at customer service and merchandising).
4. You also need a wider team of professionals to help with the bits that you can’t do. I couldn’t have got as far as I have without people such as Cassie Moyse and her team at Portfolio North, Neil Hart and his team at Bradley Hall | North East
5. It’s a marathon not a sprint. This is going to be my professional life for the next 20 years at least and the baby steps I’m taking now will lead to giant leaps over the next few years. I just need to remember this.

If any like minded retailers and entrepreneurs would like to meet for a coffee over the next few months please drop me a message as I feel like it’s time to get back to the wider world now that the store is more established

Picture is from our recent photo shoot at Low Newton by the Sea - which reminds me that it’s important to take time out occasionally

Much love
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